Live TV & Multimedia Experience

Solution Overview

KyloneTM is a complete, centrally managed, scalable and end-to-end digital headend solution to provide live-tv and multimedia experience for residences, hotels, campuses or hospitals etc. Kylone's client applications, provide same experience for various client devices such as PC, tablet PC, smartphone and smartTV beside STB unit.

End-to-End Digital Headend Solution

Addressed Requirements
  • Multi-channel, long distance and lossless live-tv signal carying
  • Low cost and reduced number of distribution, aggregation and access coponents
  • Extending experience to mobile/smart devices
  • Reduced maintenance effort
  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Hundreds of concurrent UHD/HD/SD TV channels in a single 1U chassis
  • L3 IP connectivity
  • Wired or Wireless deployment
  • Remotely management of headend systems including STBs
  • Fully customisable user interface on STBs
  • Application software for smartphones and PCs
  • Usage statistics and reports

  • Robust Application Platform with Easy Configuration
  • Single pane of glass management interface
  • Profile based content management
  • Scan and discovery features
  • Configuration import/export features
  • Bulk software update for local STBs
  • Cloud management of headend systems

  • Headend Unit
  • - Supports up to 48 tuners with different DVB standards in a 1U chassis
  • - Multi-channel live TV streaming
  • - VOD streaming

  • STB Unit
  • - 4k UHD support at 3840x2160 100Hz
  • - Multilingul and fully customisable graphical interface
  • - HDMI & SPDIF/IEC958 output
  • - IR Remote Controller

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